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level up (Feat. kyle Bent)

Artwork for Level Up, Billa Joints’ latest single featuring Kyle Bent.

evolve, a beat tape by billa joints.

Beat tape artwork for  Evolve  by Billa Joints. Artwork by Dom Laporte.

“Guitarist Steve Bilodeau has deep roots in jazz….But he has another side – as a producer of hip-hop beats, composing the instrumental tracks over which hip-hop vocalists rap.”

Over the past six years, Canadian guitarist Steve Bilodeau has been building up his abilities as a producer and beat-maker. Though it began as a hobby, Bilodeau’s production endeavours slowly evolved into another facet of his musical identity, completely distinct from his identity as a guitarist. With three jazz albums under his belt, Bilodeau felt it was time to showcase his evolution as an artist; that is, another side of Steve Bilodeau. This other side has come to be known as Billa Joints, and on May 25, Billa Joints will be making his official recording debut with the release of his beat tape Evolve.

“The notion of Evolve is about letting things evolve naturally and not trying to limit yourself, being open to whatever comes your way”, says Billa Joints, and the unexpected twists and turns of Evolve are in lockstep with this philosophy.

With 14 tracks and a variety of interludes, Evolve puts Billa Joints’ most creative and experimental beats on display. In Evolve, listeners can expect to hear ethereal/futuristic sounds mixed with wobbly drums and edgy bass synthesizers. In short, it is experimental beat music that feels like a voyage into outer space. With Evolve, Billa Joints hopes to continue the tradition of beat-tapes started by legendary producers like J Dilla, MadLib, and Flying Lotus.



BUgatti spaceship 

May 18, 2018 / The Third Single off Evolve.


Jungle Baby 

May 11, 2018 / The Second Single off Evolve.


Gotta Try

May 4, 2018 / The First Single off Evolve.

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